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Campaign Builder


Numerous professionals in the recruitment sector find themselves dependent on a variety of tools and systems to source candidates, execute campaigns, and monitor their advancement. The task for UX/UI design was to effectively structure diverse content types, present them through an instinctive design, and guarantee the optimization of site performance.

My Role

Serving as the UX/UI designer, actively participated in every stage of the project. This encompassed tasks ranging from conceptualizing features, aligning diverse user categories with permission tiers, and initial sketching, all the way to presenting the ultimate designs and conducting design-oriented quality assurance. Throughout the process, I collaborated extensively with developers, sales personnel, and client success teams. This collaboration aimed to provide tailored materials that empowered each role to attain desired business outcomes and goals.

Unique Features

Through permission-based feature, the dashboard will allow multiple levels of engagement for the recruiter on the ground floor executing campaigns to the hiring managers only looking to engage with potential candidates

Through a single search, recruiters have the ability to choose type of campaign (email, text, posting and more), refine or scale the results depending on campaign budget

Text messaging campaign options of Text2Hire Conversation(targeted candidate campaign) or Text2Hire Blast (wider range of candidates) and messaging tools specific for each


A dashboard platform that allows agencies and recruiters to search the full Nexxt database to create custom, targeted outreach, text and email campaigns. The platform allows agencies and recruiters to harness the same technology Nexxt deploys for clients to quickly execute multi-channel, targeted recruitment marketing campaigns.

Platform Features

  • A search tool leveraging Nexxt's job seeker database, 
offering advanced search capabilities and the ability to 
finely adjust search outcomes based on location and 
distinct candidate profiles.

  • Flexible pricing tailored to the specific campaign 
type selected.

  • Simple submission process for campaign execution, 
encompassing email, text, career events, and 
targeted advertising.

  • Text messaging functionalities, including interactive 
conversations (Text2Hire Conversation) and broadcast 
(Text2Hire Blast) features.

  • A reporting dashboard for campaign monitoring.

  • Configuration of permission levels to enable multiple 
user tiers to interact within the platform using a single 
company account.


Design Exploration

User Stories


Sketches & Wireframes

Mobile Campaign Wires
Campaign Calendar wire


Search form + Results
Reporting for Text Campaign
Text Campaign – view with multiple campaigns and candidates
Text Campaign – view with campaigns closed, candidate resume displayed
Text Campaign – view with message area showing message type drop down
Text Campaign – message template view
Campaign Dashboard
Text Campaign Calendar – calendar view
Text Campaign Calendar – list view
Permission Flow – step 1
Permission Flow – step 2
Permission Flow – step 3
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